Landed Property Renovation

We provide Renovation for all types of Landed Properties in Singapore.

Landed housing are low-rise or low density residential development. There are various landed

housing form in Singapore. They are categorized according to the following:


Land title

Terrace house

A terrace house is a house on a lot which forms part of a row of at least 3 dwelling houses abutting the common boundaries with party walls. The width of the terrace plot may vary but it should not be less than 6m wide for the intermediate units and 8m for the corner units. For further details on the construction and renovation of the terrace house please click…..


Corner Terrace @ Neram Road

Corner Terrance


Detached house (bungalow) and Semi-detached house

 A detached house or bungalow is a free standing dwelling unit within a plot of land. The plot can vary in size. For plots outside the good class bungalow areas (GCBA), they should have a minimum plot size of not less than 400m²

A semi-detached house is a dwelling house partially attached on one side to any number of other units.

For further details on the construction and renovation of the bungalow or semidetached house please click….




Strata title (No condominium status allowed)

Strata detached houses (bungalows);

Strata semi-detached houses;

Strata terrace houses;

Mixed strata landed housing


Redevelopment of existing semidetached house or Terrace

With the relaxation of plot sizes for bungalows and semi-detached houses in 1991, the planning authority has received planning applications for redevelopment of existing semi-detached and terrace houses into more units or other housing forms. To optimize land use, these redevelopments are generally allowed if they can satisfy the planning guidelines. House owners making the change are advised to inform their immediate neighbors of their approved plans as early as possible and to seek their cooperation and understanding to minimize inconvenience to both parties. For further details on the Redevelopment of existing semidetached house or Terrace please click….


ct extension

Extension of corner terrace at the front and side


For the construction and renovation advice and ideas on the landed house renovation and construction works, our friendly contractor will go down to your place to do a free survey and and advise on the estimated competitive renovation  cost.













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